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Maryland Adoption Attorney
Sheri A. Mullikin

As an adoptive mother and adoption lawyer, Sheri understands the difficult decisions and issues that confront adoptive parents. After experiencing years of infertility testing and treatment, she was eventually blessed with five children of her own. It was during those emotionally and physically challenging years of infertility that she first considered adoption as a way to build her own family. Several years later, after exploring adoption options domestically and internationally, she was blessed with a precious child through a private adoption in Maryland.

 Sheri has a long-standing interest in helping adoptive parents build their families through adoption in Maryland.   After graduating from Catholic University's Columbus School of Law located in Washington, D.C., Sheri began her practice as a lawyer in Maryland in 1999, spending eight years with a large, nationally-recognized, Baltimore law firm.  Sheri represented businesses of all sizes and types, and counseled and assisted individuals and families in a wide variety of matters.  During that time, she actively sought out pro bono adoption cases and to this day, she continues to work with the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers’ Society to assist individuals of limited financial means pursue adoption.  

Maryland Adoption Lawyer
Sheri, her husband Brian, and her 5 children
Upon leaving a big firm law practice in 2007, Sheri opened her own law practice in her hometown of Mt. Airy, Maryland, which focuses on providing adoption services to adoptive parents and birth families. She also offers estate planning and administration legal services for individuals and families.  Sheri chose to focus her practice on adoption law in order to pursue her passion of building “forever families” and finding loving homes for children in need of a home.  Since that time, she has assisted numerous families throughout Maryland with the finalization of their international adoption or readoption process, as well as families completing domestic adoptions through a private agencypublic agency (foster care), or private adoption in Maryland. She has also served as a lawyer for a private, Maryland adoption agency that has domestic and foreign adoption programs.  Additionally, she is involved with the adoption ministry at her local church in Mt. Airy, Maryland, which has been ministering to orphans in the Ukraine since 2009, and has assisted several families as they seek to adopt children from this country. 

As a Maryland adoption lawyer, Sheri's desire is to help birth parents facing an unwanted pregnancy as they consider their options and to support them through the adoption process should they choose to make an adoption plan.  Sheri also seeks to assist other adoptive parents as they proceed on this similar journey, whether they choose a private adoptionadoption through the foster care systemadoption through a private adoption agency, or an international adoption.  She believes that her own experience with infertility and adoption will enable her to better understand and address the concerns faced by many adoptive parents that have also struggled to build the family of their dreams.  

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